Em for Massage

Massage in Burnie, Tasmania

Welcome to Em for Massage, a nurturing environment right in the heart of Burnie where you can find your centre.

Find your centre?

Yes, you know that moment when everything just seems awesome and OK?  That’s what I do; a massage from Em for Massage is so much more than a standard therapeutic massage service.

I help make literal pain go away, while at the same time helping you find a moment to re-balance and breathe in a busy lifestyle.

Take some time for YOU

As everyone’s life becomes busier, it can be harder to try and find a moment to get back to your centre.  I make your massage into such a moment, not just a pain relief aid.

For a massage that is deeper, different and works on so many levels beyond the physical, contact me today and experience Em for Massage.

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Myofascial Cupping
  • Positional Release
  • ***COMING SOON!!*** Thai Yoga Massage
Experience Bliss Today
Em Veraldi
Em VeraldiRemedial Massage Therapist
I want you to remember why it’s important to breathe, and take time to nurture yourself.

I love helping you with remedial massage. We all experience aches and pains from time to time, and I have plenty of techniques to help… BUT you don’t have to be in pain to recognise your need for balance.

I want to create and hold a space for you to return to your centre, and find that breath again.

Don’t you deserve it?

But What Do My Clients Say?

I’m very fussy when it comes to massage – Em is the best I’ve ever been to, I try to see her any time I’m back in town. This lady is truly gifted.
Brilliant massage therapist, the best I’ve ever been to! If you have ouchies, or just want to feel good, contact Em immediately! Highly recommended!
I have been coming to Em for massages for years, and I keep coming back because she is the best. Her professionalism and dedication to great service are second to none.
If ya up north (or like me down south but dont mind going for a drive) and need a massage be it for niggling aches n pains or just need to chillax ho see Em she’s fantastic
Excellent massage therapist! She’ll help work out all your kinks & get you feeling great! Once you’ve had a massage by Em, you’ll want to go back 🙂
I was so sad to return to reality today after my amazing massage with Em. I’ve had a few massages in my time and never realised they can be so much more than just a few useful pokes and prods at some sore muscles. Today’s massage with Em was therapeutic, relaxing, and a big warm fuzzy ball of sensory paradise. She has such attention to detail, even the rug was fluffy happiness on my feet when I did have to remember how to use them… Really, I don’t have enough adjectives. Em is good. Yes.